Welcome to the church of bourbon and broth

Blue Collards is a crypto supper club popping up this fall in Miami, Austin, San Francisco and NYC

Break bread, make frens

We’re building a new kind of culinary community. Each 90 days, we'll recruit a different cohort of promising creators and work with them to host a series of immersive, tokenized experiences for our members.

  • Salons

    Intimate, cocktail-driven events hosted by one of our member mixologists

  • Suppers

    Seated, multi-course dinners hosted by one of our member chefs 

  • Socials

    Tasting-style events featuring multiple creators from across our network.

Shared values, shared incentives 👨‍🌾

Blue Collards is like other supper clubs in that you must be a member to purchase tickets to our events. We're different in that your membership is vested in an ERC-20 token and tickets are minted as NFT’s. What does that mean? It means you get a true stake in the value we create together.

Taste is always in season

We'll be kicking off our first season of programming this September. Join us in the pre-season to benefit from discounted token costs, get a jump on ticket sales and participate in program design.

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We exist to empower creators 💪

Culinary storytellers can heal our broken food systems, but they need tools that empower them, rather than exploit them. If you’re a chef, mixologist or other creator, we are building for you, and we need your voice at our table.

Runs on Unicorn Platform