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Understand your customers, reach new ones and convert buyers into engaged brand advocates

Welcome to the culinary engagement platform

Blue Collards is the most authentic, safe and intuitive way to scale your culinary brand.

  • Support Culinary Experts

    Eighty percent of your monthly dues will go into our Tip Pool, which is distributed to our community of culinary experts.

  • Get Customer Insights

    Blue Collards gives you an unprecedented view into how top chefs and mixologists are using your products.

  • Meet new buyers

    Culinary experts turn to us to discover quality new ingredients. When you join, you unlock a powerful source of new referrals.

  • Protect your brand

    Every brand on Blue Collards is hand-picked by top chefs and mixologists. So you'll always be in good company

  • Turn customers to advocates

    Our ingredient challenges will keep your customers engaged and drive new business to your door with powerful social proof.

We've partnered with leading culinary brands

Become a partner and support those who support you

Eighty percent of partners' monthly dues go into our Tip Pool, which supports our community of experts.

Garden Plot

For baby brands

Forty Acres

For growing brands

Forty Mules

For established brands
✗ Not Included
✓ Ticket-Based
✓ Concierge
Discover new prospects, and showcase your ingredients to our growing community of culinary professionals.
✓ Included
✓ Included
✓ Included
Gain unprecedented insight into how your customers are using your ingredients.
✗ Not Included
✓ Included
✓ Included
Keep your existing customers engaged, and attract new ones, through our interactive, ingredient-based challenges.
✗ Not Included
✓ Public
✓ Public and Invitational

Frequently Asked Questions

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