There aren't enough cooks in the kitchen

Blue Collards is building a new kind of community — with food at its heart and creators in the drivers’ seat.

It's time to 86 the Internet.

Our food system is a mess. Humanity has become alienated from the sources of our sustenance and, because of this, we constantly undermine the communities and ecosystems upon which we depend. Our job is to bridge this divide, using food to reconcile people with their bodies, the earth and one another.

The Internet was supposed to help us do this, but, somewhere along the line, the broth got spoiled. Instead of uplifting our voices, it has cheapened them. Instead of bringing us together, it has made us more alienated. Instead of enriching us, it has left us fighting for table scraps.

It's time we face some hard truths: Systems that reward anger and fear will never engender trust and community. Platforms that are owned and directed by corporate interests will never respect, value or reward the contributions of the creator class — much less those that exist upstream of them.

It’s time for us to seize the means of production and put more cooks in the proverbial kitchen. If we wish to fix our broken food system, we must first 86 the Internet and build a new one — owned by and accountable to us.

A few of our frens 🤝

Blue Collards is new to Ethereum, but we've been organizing culinary events since 2017, and our community already includes some great folks.

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    The Noble South

Get a seat at the table 🍽

The best way to get involved with Blue Collards is to apply as a host for our next season. Selected creators will be paid to develop community programming, get an invitation to our club social and receive $CLLRD tokens from our community Tip Pool, sharing directly in the value we create together. Sound good?

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