The patronage platform for today's culinary experts 👩🏾‍🍳

Blue Collards helps chefs and bartenders hone their crafts and build engaged, profitable online communities

Finding and rewarding patrons should not be a royal pain

Most patronage platforms saddle creators with the heavy-lifting of designing a membership program, recruiting patrons and retaining them month after month. Blue Collards is different. We focus on recruiting quality members and keeping them happy, so you can do what you do best: Delight them with transcendent culinary experiences.

We make building your online community easy and fun

Blue Collards offers a full suite of tools to help you hone your craft and grow your career

  • Discover Great Ingredients

    Discover new producers and ingredients, carefully curated by culinary professionals just like you.

  • Flex your creativity

    Showcase your latest culinary experiments, and receive detailed tasting notes from patrons.

  • Compete with peers

    Explore new flavors and engage with other experts through fun ingredient-based challenges

  • Reward loyal patrons

    Reward patrons by offering them access to secret menu items, VIP tasting events and other exclusives.

  • Earn More Money

    Receive monthly Tip Pool payouts based on how well your dishes are received by the community

Frequently Asked Questions

We've addressed some of your most common questions below.

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