All food is sacrament

We’re on a mission to create a more transparent, equitable and sustainable food system through culinary storytelling and crypto-economics.

To hunger is human.

Food grounds us and humbles us. We all have to eat, no matter our class or creed. And the simple joy of a good meal can return to its senses even the most desperate of minds.

Plates are parables.

Food reminds us how interdependent we are — on each other and on the Earth. By reconnecting with the sources of our sustenance, we can start to heal our broken bodies, communities and ecosystems.

Creators are prophets.

Chefs, mixologists and other culinary storytellers return meaning to our mealtimes. We exist to empower these creators through more equitable and efficient forms of ownership and cooperation.

Bread should be shared.

We don’t just mean the warm, doughy kind. Those who contribute to the development of a community should also have a stake in its future. That’s why Blue Collards is owned and governed by its members.

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