Tokens for taste

Blue Collards is a community that respects and rewards good taste. Our tokenomics reflect this.

In the beginning, was the token ✨

At the heart of Blue Collards are two inter-related tokens, which exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Understanding these tokens and how they relate to one another is essential to grasping how value is captured and distributed within our community. 

The last shall be first ...

How much you pay to join Blue Collards and how much ETH you’ll receive if you leave the community are determined by two factors — both of which are subject to change during future seasons of programming. 

An experiment in participatory design 👩🏽‍⚖️

Blue Collards members get a true say in how our community is governed. We use Snapshot for signal voting, with on-chain execution via the Zodiac Reality Module and a Gnosis Multi-Sig as a safeguard. We plan to further decentralize this approach as the project matures.

  • Creator Selection

    Help us select which chefs and mixologists should host Blue Collards events.

  • Taste Distribution

    Help us decide how Taste should be distributed among creators and guests.

  • Project Direction

    Help us build a new kind of online community for folks passionate about food.

Runs on Unicorn Platform